Year One


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    'Year One' was a discography cassette including the songs from the s/t 7", Jesus of Spazzareth split 7" and three unreleased tracks.

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released January 30, 2009



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HAMMERS Manchester

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Track Name: Odin's Doom
I find no comfort in the shade under the branch of the great ash. I remember the mist of our ancient past. As I speak to you in the present, my ancient eyes see the terrible future. Do you not see what i see? Do you not hear what i hear, death approaching? The mournful cry of the Giallr-hom shall shatter the peace and shake the foundation of heaven. Rise up our banner and gather our company from your great hall, Father of the slain, for you shall go to your destiny. No knowledge can save you and no magic will save you. For you will end up in Fenrirs belly, while heaven and earth will burn in Surt's unholy fire.

(taken from the Book of Heroes)
Track Name: Prey
A night out with your friends, some relief from the stress, that's what you dress up nice for thinking you would have a good time. Not a care in the world, the working week is over. That guy made you feel pretty, made you feel special, there was nothing wrong with him walking you home, till the isolate corner where he shown his true side. A naive and an easy target for the worst kind of man. Nothing will give her back what she has been taken away.
Track Name: You'll Be Clocking Out In Your Coffin
Cold, thoughtless and empty all just waiting to die, not that they’d know it in their empty lives. Gossip and gadgetry keep us in line busying our feeble minds, constant distractions to ease the malign, shadow existence between the lines. Dragged up from youth, trained for work, in it for life. Nothing to live for, dead end routine, no end in sight. What is the point in working for life? Enter the workhouse, shackled for life. Log in. 9 to 5 just killing time, is killing you. Clock out. You used to feel alive, you had dreams. You used your job, to realise them. Feel dead inside now, don’t dream anymore and your job is using you. What is the point in your life? Your time won’t wait. What is the point is point in your life? Not a machine, a human being.
Track Name: Mass Producing Death
Given life just to be killed, after torture. Locked in a cell for life, before execution. Bodies lay weak on the floor,
exterminated. Not a shred of  compassion for an animal product. What a waste of an innocent life. This perpetual form of genocide. Wash the blood from the abattoir floor and keep your conscience clean. When you add up all the facts, its murder. No other way to look at it, you’re eating the dead. Mass producing death for human consumption.
Track Name: Way To Deny
I've been told not to take any risk, to think of safety first, not to use my abilities and forget what I know. Follow the rules, you won't get hurt. I've been told some words must not be used, someone might get upset. They expect me to ignore diversity and forget what I know. Harmless words, harmless rules.
Track Name: Hall Of The Dead
Viking hammers crash down on your head! Swing hard! Swing true! The Christian armies will soon be dead! Smash face! Crush skull! Moon rises over Valhalla, Oh Lord, I'm home! Gonna die on the fields tonight! Let's drink to death!
Track Name: Bad Faith
What a fucking waste, praying to the skies. What is it that you hope to find? Salvation? There’s money to be made, from selling you these lies. Let sheep believe what they want to believe, and fleece them! Your belief has no foundation.Bad Faith. So desperate to believe that heaven awaits you, close your mind, no room for a real view. Blinkered to the degree that you’ve abandoned this world, and all its faults, you don’t perceive, you’re gone. Your belief. Bad Faith. Has no Foundation. Create false gods to ease the pain.
Track Name: The Program
I read it in the headlines, I feel it in the streets. Safety at risk, growing fear. Don't look in no ones eyes, be ready to run. Pretend you don't see it and ignore the cries for help. Report just what you need to keep paranoia growing. Decide what we will fear, control what we will think, what we will vote. Don't worry we're watching with a million camera eyes. Anti terrorist measures applied to petty crimes. We have the
solution: privacy banned! Just give us complete power and it will be all right. I heard this before, I read this before, in the history books, in 1984.
Track Name: Ladder Climber
Forsake your morals, suspend what’s right, whore out your service for highest price. To earn at any cost. Is this for your future, what about today? Others will suffer from your selfishness. Smash the competition. Climb up the bodies of those that have fell. Fall down, old allies under your feet. Back stab to climb to higher status. Look down at all those you’ve deceived. There's no winner on this race cause it never ends, you know too well that who stops to rest is lost. How many times did you wait for someone to fall, just to laugh at their demise and step on their face. Climb up the bodies of those that have fell. Fall down, old allies under your feet. Back stab to climb to higher status. Look down at all those you’ve deceived. Ladder climber, be aware that we aiming for you. Ladder climber, be aware that we’ll be watching you fall. Watching you fall!
Track Name: Host To Billions Of Parasites
This world, this organism we live on like a rash. Feasting at its flesh, digging at its insides. Disturb the equilibrium through wanton greed and ill, the sickly human spirit will be our own undoing. We're just a virus sapping away at the earth. When it dies we die too, when it falls we fall too. Tides will rise and cities will fall and the reign of man will soon be gone. The earth it has such fury, would
burn itself so we may die. A cleansing of the pores to wash the scum away, a cleansing of the pores to wash the filth away.
Track Name: Freefall
I'm freezing, my lungs are filled with clouds. I see everything, everything's so far away. Parachute don't bother opening. Don't stop my freefall. At this speed and height, you can't hear yourself scream. I've never felt, never felt this much alive. The fear of the point of no return. The feeling of being free from any control.