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released January 9, 2010



all rights reserved


HAMMERS Manchester

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Track Name: Title Track
The measure of your worth in failed resignations -
a birthright to fail or born into decline? Successes
and regret align, the golden child dethroned.
Thrown before wolves to recognise/realise:
The wisdon of men / their desperate salvation
To wither and follow / to destroy foundations
The natural end / the constant renewal
of who will wither and who will follow
Crushed by everything.
Track Name: The Holy Mountain
Consider the millions, millions to one
Say a prayer of thanks for each one
Now see the one in three
that would end in tragedy
Whisper a curse to a God
that would not answer just one
For no reason / with no reason
I live in the shadows, begin the ascent
A curse o'er my name each dawn since that day
Trying to find a truth that doesn't need a name
I crawl on my belly over glass and nails
Reach up to drag down the veil
We know how this ends,
it ends in tears.
Track Name: Mount Gambier
Somethings things happen just at the right time
Funny how we think we are in control
Ask me now where I would want to be
and with no anger left there is only one place
On the side of a crater filled with the bluest water
I will carry that very colour with me.
Track Name: Three Fates
Lost the years along the split-tongued path
Left behind, forgiven and to come
There is nothing ahead, there is no regret.
Our reason is surrender, to never be in control
Prove nothing, lose everything, to end where we begin
The tapestry hangs before us, begging to be unspun
A thread to prove a life - to end where it begins
To the edge, a choice, an end?
Track Name: WWMPD?
I will believe anything until it is proven
Everything that has been pushed through my eyelids
Tune in for a sugar cube on my tongue
Tune in just in time for new bad news
Conspiracy facts and unquestionable lies
Glorified mistakes and mediocrity
Tune in for a bitter pill down my throat
Just tune out.
Track Name: Tombs
In the ground, underground
a new life cycle begins.
After taking and taking
now nourish the earth
Flies and bacteria feeding on
the organs. Burst skin exposing
soft black flesh.
In the end, except dust and a pile of bones,
There is nothing.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
There is nothing.